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‘THAT’S FOR PARIS’ was scrawled onto the Russian cruise missile that killed 600 ISIS terrorists and devastated their infrastructure

A single Russian cruise missile strike in Syria killed about 600 ISIS terrorists earlier this week, according to news reports out of Russia. The strike was part of a massive missile and bombing blitz by Russia over the first four days of the week that has inflicted serious damage on the ISIS militants there, according to an announcement Friday by Russia Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.


In those four days alone, Shoigu said, Russia has unleashed 101 high-tech cruise missiles — fired from aircraft as well as from Russian warships in the Caspian and Mediterranean Seas.

The Russians released video of their ships firing cruise missiles toward ISIS targets in Syria, and that video can be viewed above, on this page, courtesy of The Guardian newspaper.

The 100 cruise missiles were just one portion of the Russian bombardment of ISIS targets in Syria. Since Monday, Russian bombers have dropped 1,400 tons of bombs, while all Russian aircraft have flown 522 sorties.

Just to make sure the ISIS terrorists on the ground got the message, Russian airmen on one mission inscribed the side of their bombs with the slogan “That’s for Paris.”


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