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Due to Islamic terorrism Brussels is in lock down for a second day…is this the new future of Europe

  • Belgium’s terror threat alert was raised to its highest level yesterday
  • Armed police and soldiers continued to patrol Brussels’ streets today 
  • There were fears that Paris style terror attack was ‘imminent’ in city 
  • Authorities have stepped up hunt for Paris terrorist, Salah Abdeslam 

Armed soldiers and police flooded the streets of Belgium’s capital, which was locked down for a second day following reports of an ‘imminent’ Paris style terror attack.

Camouflaged soldiers continued to patrol the streets as a manhunt for fugitive Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam, 26, and ‘several’ other terror suspects, was stepped up.

The metro station was closed down, shops shut and locals were warned to avoid large crowds.

Abdeslam, who has been described as ‘armed and dangerous’, vanished after taking part in the massacre of 130 in Paris last Friday.


Central Brussels, usually bustling on a Saturday evening, was virtually deserted, with police and troops on patrol.

The Belgian government said it had concrete evidence of a planned terrorist attack that would have employed weapons and explosives

The country’s Interior Minister Jan Jambon said armed officers were looking for Paris attacker Abdeslam and scoping out other possible threats.

He warned the capture of Abdeslam, the Belgian born terrorist who drove a three strong team of jihadis to four restaurants in Paris’ Canal Saint Martin area, would not end the threat against his country.

‘It involves several suspects and that is why we have put in place such exceptional measures,’ the Belga news agency quoted Jambon as telling Flemish television.

He added: ‘We are following the situation minute by minute… There is a real threat but we are doing everything possible day and night to face up to this situation.’

Belgian officials are meeting in the capital city today to decide whether to extend the drastic security measures which has turned Brussels into a ghost town.

The UN Security Council on granted countries permission to ‘take all necessary measures’ to fight ISIS extremists after a wave of attacks including the downing of a Russian aircraft in Egypt and the storming of a luxury hotel in Mali.

US President Barack Obama today confirmed he would visit Paris for UN climate talks in December despite the raised threat of violence, calling on world leaders to show similar resolve.

He said: ‘I think it’s absolutely vital for every country, every leader, to send a signal that the viciousness of a handful of killers does



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