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French Man Urges Fellow Muslims To Stand up Against ISIS


Watch this young French Muslim, who is “sick” of Islamist terrorist attacks, give a two-minute online speech addressed to all Muslims. His main point: no one can fight extremists as well as the non-radical Muslim community.

“I’m sick of these attacks … Let’s protect our beautiful religion, let’s track down these imposters who pass for Muslims and kill people,” the man exclaims emotionally.

The man also says it is the Muslim community that should do something about it.

“It’s not the government that is going to do the work, not state security or intelligence service. It’s us, us Muslims, who go to the mosque, us Muslims, who share the values of the [French] Republic, [it is us] who should inform the authorities at the slightest [suspicion],” the man says, raising his voice.

Some Muslims seem to fear they will be branded as snitches if they go to the officials – however, the man claims the contrary.

“It’s the opposite! Because with these views, they 




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