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LOL TIME: Grand Mufti compares himself to Jesus


The Grand Mufti of Australia has broken his silence following a torrent of criticism of his reaction to the Paris attacks, comparing himself to other great figures mocked for their views – namely Jesus Christ.

Ibrahim Abu Mohammed has sought to explain the comments that saw him face intense backlash this week, having suggested racism and Islamophobia were partly to blame for the deadly attacks.

He says he’s repeatedly condemned the actions of Islamic State but believes it is time to be ‘brave enough’ to analyse the possible causes driving terrorists rather than just condemning their actions.

‘For us to stop at the simple and sole condemnation of Daesh or IS for what it is, is not going to be enough,’ Dr Mohammed told 2UE through a translator on Wednesday.

He laughed off suggestions by Independent Senator Jacquie Lambie that he be fitted with an electronic monitoring device, saying great prophets and messengers including the Prophet Muhammad had also been mocked by their people in the past.

‘If we look at the messiah Jesus Christ as well, who was mocked by his people,’ he said.

Dr Mohammed revealed he too had been the



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