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Obama Calls US Racist in Muslim Country that Persecutes Xtians

But he does mention Muslims when it comes to playing victim


There he goes again.

President Obama spoke to a group of young Southeast Asian leaders Friday in Malaysia and warned them about about avoiding the “pitfalls” the United States suffers from, the Washington Times reports.

Malaysia, among other things, persecutes Christians. Not an issue that is on Obama’s agenda.

In responding to a question by a Malaysian student, Obama touts ObamaCare, because snake oil salesman have to pitch the product even in a country where no one is buying. Then he suggests America is racist and urges local students not to “organize political parties or you organize interest groups just around ethnic or racial or tribal lines”.

Oddly, or maybe not so oddly, he leaves out “religious” lines. But then Malaysia is an Islamic country and Obama has backed the Muslim Brotherhood.

Still even that is hypocritical considering Obama’s naked racial organizing and the proliferation of Identity Group X for Obama organizations during his campaign.

“Societies that are divided ethnically and racially are almost never successful over the long term,” Obama says. That must explain why America has become such


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