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Relive the Ben Gurion Award Ceremony at the Prestigious Dan Tel Aviv Hotel

Ben Gurion Award Ceremony at the Dan Tel Aviv

The Annual Ben Gurion Award Ceremony took place at the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel this week, attended by many of Israel’s finest dignitaries.

The participants this year included: former President Shimon Peres, Mr. Erez Navon son of the former president Mr. Itzhak Navon R.I.P, Mr. and Mrs. Federman of the Dan Hotels chain including 400 additional honored guests among them Israel’s national actor Chaim Topol.

The ceremony was accompanied by lectures from Professor Assa Kasher discussing the legacies of the first Prime Minister Ben Gurion and the IDF.

This year’s honored recipients were: Mr. Tzvika Grinvald, who was a soldier awarded for his bravery and courage during the Yom Kippur War and the former Chairman Mayor of Charity organization Ofakim.

The Dan Tel Aviv hotel and Dan Hotel Corporation are honored to sponsor and host this yearly event.




Photo credit: Israel Hadari

– Mr. Shimon Peres, former President talking during his speech

– Mr. Shimon Peres with Mr. and Mrs. Federman

– Mr. Elad Peled who bestowed the award to Tzvika Grinvald

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