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Sick game of pass the parcel: Video seems to show Greek coast guard SINKING life raft carrying dozens of Syrian migrants – only for them to be picked up by the Turkish instead

  • Video from November 12 shows migrants approach Greek-marked ship 
  • Uniformed man on board jabs a pole near raft and seems to puncture it
  • Raft, which has 58 on board, was picked up by Turkish, who filmed ordeal
  • Diplomats released footage Friday and said they showed it to Greeks 

This video footage seems to show the Greek coast guard deliberately sinking a life raft full of Syrian migrants, then leaving them for the Turkish to deal with.

Footage recorded on November 12 shows a crewman on a Greek-marked coast guard ship jabbing a pole into an inflatable ship in the Aegean Sea.

The raft’s 58 passengers scream and shout as the vessel starts to sink, before the Greek vessel sails away.


Footage then shows the migrants, who are wearing lifejackets, being pulled from the water into a Turkish vessel afterwards, while their own boat starts to sink below the sea.

They were then taken back to the Turkish port city of Didim, where thousands of migrants start their attempts to get into Europe, due to its proximity to Greek islands in the Aegean.

The footage was released by the Turkish government on Friday.



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