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The Moment Putin Growled & Obama Cowered At The G-20 Summit…

It was a much-publicized 40-minute sit down at the G-20 Summit between Russia’s Vladimir Putin and America’s Barack Obama that the media indicated might have been an important improvement in cooperation between the two world leaders.

In actuality it was Putin sitting down, staring into the eyes of Barack Obama, and pushing a collection of images at Mr. Obama that outlined ISIS-controlled oil fields and oil transportation routes the U.S. military had for over a year inexplicably left intact. Putin gave Mr. Obama a thin smile and then told the American president the oil fields would soon be decimated by Russian air attacks with or without President Obama’s approval.


Vladimir Putin was said to be incredulous that American military forces had allowed ISIS to continue making tens of millions of dollars off of oil sales – money that is then being used to recruit more terrorists and initiate terrorist attacks throughout the world.

Mr. Obama’s jaw tightened as he listened to the interpreter finish giving him Vladimir Putin’s directive as the Russian president leaned even closer to him from across the small table that separated the two world leaders. The former KGB operative’s eyes remained fixated upon Barack Obama’s, complimented by a thin smile that spoke to the Russian’s absolute determination to leave that table in complete control of his nation’s interests regarding the ongoing ISIS conflict.

After several tense seconds, President Obama looked away and then began speaking. Putin awaited his own interpreter and with each word from Mr Obama, his smirk became more pronounced. Barack Obama spoke of the need for cooperation, of dealing with Assad, of an international approach to ensure fairness to everyone involved.

Mr. Putin jabbed a finger at the ISIS oil fields photographs and declared them gone. He then rose up from his chair, smiled warmly for the media cameras watching the exchange, and then later gave the now infamous comments that made


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