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Muslims Fire at Military Jet, Seconds Later, JUSTICE Sings Them a Lullaby


Video footage out of the Middle East shows just what it’s like to be blown to smithereens from a terrorist’s perspective.

Normally, we have the pleasure of watching radical Muslims meet their maker from the vantage point of a military jet thousands of feet in the air, but the close proximity of this clip makes it all the more satisfying.

The Conservative Tribune described perfectly what’s going on in the footage:

The men in the video were manning an anti-aircraft gun, and they very clearly have no idea what they are doing. For starters, they are smack dab in the middle of a road, essentially begging to be bombed.

In addition to that, they are only firing the AA gun in 2-3 round bursts. They are firing at a target thousands of feet above them, moving hundreds of miles an hour, yet they somehow expect to take it down with 3 shots?

So to sum it all up for you, a group of terrorists


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