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Armed anti-Muslim protesters stage ‘strange’ protest outside mosque in clock kid’s hometown

By Justin Wm. Moyer


It was little more than two months ago that Ahmed Mohamed — a ninth grader now known as the Muslim “clock kid” — was arrested for bringing what some thought looked like a homemade bomb, but was actually a homemade clock, to his high school in Irving, Tex.

[The clock kid: Ahmed Mohamed now at center of culture war rumble]

Now, Mohamed is gone — swept off to Qatar and meetings with Sudanese president and wanted war criminal Omar Hassan al-Bashir. However, anti-Muslim protests in his hometown, in suburban Dallas, linger. This past weekend, about a dozen members of a group calling itself the Bureau of American Islamic Relations protested in front of the Islamic Center of Irving,a local mosque. They had guns. They had a flag. They had a Ted Cruz sign and one that read “Stop the Islamization of America.”

“It’s a boiling pot,” one man who declined to give his name to Fox 4 news said. “The kettle … the top on this kettle is on really really tight and it is going to blow.”

The kettle, however, did not.

“Two men on the sidewalk mocked the song


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