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How BDS tries to scare musicians

International artists due to perform at Titans of Metal festival in Tel Aviv tell producers they fear for their lives over anti-Israel movement’s threats.

Ami Friedman

Any Israeli producer who wants to bring an artist over to the Holy Land can anticipate in advance the responses from pro-Palestinian organizations asking the artist to change their mind and cancel their visit.

When a big name is involved, there’s a good chance they’ll get an email from Roger Waters himself, asking that they forgo the planned performance and join the cultural boycott of Israel, led by the BDS movement. Most of the time, the Pink Floyd man’s letters will become public.

No Show
Not just boycotts: Why it’s hard to bring singers to Israel / Ami Friedman
Cancellations of concerts due to security concerns are practically a routine matter, but it turns out there are other obstacles to international artists and bands coming to Israel.
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But it seems that the way artists are contacted depends on the platform, and it’s not reserved for mainstream acts alone. That’s made clear by Patrick Losinski, producer of the Titans of Metal festival, which will take place in Tel Aviv in mid-December, bringing in famous metal bands from around the world. And along with the international musical guests comes the attention of boycott activists.

Roger Waters. Leading the cultural boycott (Photo: AP)

“To “Titans of Metal” participants: we are people from all around the world, asking participants of the Titans of Metal Festival to reconsider their concert in apartheid Israel, until Israel complies with international law and respects the rights of the indigenous Palestinian people,” wrote BDS activists in a letter sent to the festival’s participants, along with a public petition calling for the musicians to cancel their participation.

According to Losinski, four


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