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‘Moderate’ Indonesia: Muslims Burning Down More and More Churches…


Hey, more “moderation” from the Muslim world! This time they’re burning down Christian churches in Indonesia, because… well, one does.

Christian churches in Aceh province, Indonesia were attacked by Islamic extremists frustrated with the local government’s delays in demolishing 21 ‘illegal’ churches.

The attacks, which are believed to have been premeditated, took place at two Christian churches in Aceh Singkil district. The mob of around 500 protestors burned the first church to the ground and then moved on to a second church which was being protected by members of the Christian community.

Violence erupted when the protestors, carrying axes, sticks and machetes, were confronted by the community protecting the church. It was during this attack that a member of the Christian community was killed, according to Aceh Police Chief Husein Hamidi, “after being shot in the head with an air rifle.” Four others were injured in the attack, including a soldier.

To hear leftists spin it, Indonesia is supposed to be one of the most moderate Islamic countries in the world. President Obama was even raised there (raised, not born, so save the birther attacks). But here’s the real rub, even though it’s “extremists” who are doing this, it’s not uncommon for these groups to exert political pressure to shut down churches in Indonesia. Like, at all.

How are they able to do so? Well, this province (in the most “moderate” Muslim country in the world) still operates under Sharia. Even Christians are subjected to it. Meaning punishment for “improper dress” or “consuming of alcohol.” And even though the government is certainly



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