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Russia Just Stated The US is Responsible for the Creation and Growth of the Islamic state


The Russian government issued a statement Sunday, rejecting U.S. President Barack Obama’s remarks and calling U.S. policy “irresponsible.” Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev blamed the United States for the creation and growth of the Islamic state.

The Islamic State has become more entrenched, in part due to the irresponsible policy of the U.S. Rather than cooperating on the fight against terrorism, America and its allies began fighting the legitimately elected president of Syria, Bashar Assad. The reasonable policy in the Middle East, whether it is Syria, Egypt or Iraq, should consist in supporting the legitimate authorities which can ensure the integrity of the nation rather than continue to destabilize the situation. The misguided examples are clear: At some point the U.S. assisted in the strengthening of al Qaeda which led to the 9/11 tragedy. These lessons support the notion that the terrorist threat can only be combated together without separating the allies into supporters and outsiders.”

U.S. President Barack Obama Sunday urged Russia to rethink its approach to Syria to focus on the Islamic State group. Obama told a news conference before heading home from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit


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