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British Troops will FLOOD the streets if jihadis wage Paris-style attack on Britain

THOUSANDS of soldiers will flood the streets if terrorists armed with Kalashnikovs launch a Paris-style attack in Britain under a new security plan to protect Britons.


A huge increase in the number of troops on high alert for a rapid response to attacks will form a key part of the Government’s Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) – which will be unveiled tomorrow.

The strengthened security plan comes days after jihadist gunmen unleashed horror across the French capital, killing 130 people in six co-ordinated attacks.

The new strategy will warn gun and bomb attacks are among the most serious threats the UK faces as hundreds of British jihadis who have travelled to Syria and Iraq want to return home.

Ministers have also stepped up the battle against Islamic State (ISIS) with a cyber-spy unit targeting jihadis plotting their attacks online on the “dark web”.

Prime Minister David Cameron will unveil the defence plan when he publishes the SDSR alongside the five-year national security strategy in Parliament tomorrow.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has promised “more ships, more planes and more troops ready to act” to protect Britain.

Mr Fallon added: “We’re stepping up the fight against terrorists.

“That means better equipment for special forces and a clear plan for the military to support the police in extreme circumstances like the terror attacks in Paris.”

A total of 5,000 troops can currently be deployed in the event of an extreme incident under a military-police protocol known as Operation Temperer.

The move comes after warnings that police in the UK would struggle to cope with a nationwide manhunt like those in France after the attacks on November 13 and Charlie Hebdo in January.

There had been a 15 per cent drop in the number of armed officers in


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