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Why Turkey Shot Down a Russian Fighter Jet


To discuss what this means for NATO, the U.S., and the on-going conflict in Syria we asked the Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Fellow Luke Coffey.

Q: Turkey is in NATO, so does this mean that NATO is at war with Russia?

A: Not at all, but it shows that Russia remains an on-going threat to the security of the NATO alliance. While NATO is holding an emergency meeting to discuss the incident, no side—including Russia—has been jumping to conclusions. Turkey claimed that they warned the Russian plane 10 times and all warnings were ignored. Russia disputes this claim. So far all sides are calling for calm and trying to ascertain the facts. Regardless, this incident shows how complex and dangerous the air campaign against ISIS has become since Russia started its intervention in Syria.

Q: Has something like this happened before?

A: Yes. Russia regularly probes and illegally enters the airspace of other NATO members, especially the Baltic States and the United Kingdom. In terms of the history of the NATO alliance, it has been since the 1950’s that a NATO warplane has shot down a Russian fighter. Since Russia started its bombing campaign in Syria its warplanes have been accused of violating Turkey’s airspace on a number of occasions, but each airspace violation has had one thing in common: they have all occurred over Turkey’s Hatay province.

Q: What is so important about the Hatay province?

A: Syria has long disputed Turkey’s sovereignty over Hatay province, which borders Syria’s Latakia governorate, although the international community is in agreement that the region belongs


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