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RUSSIAN REVENGE: No Turkish imports after downing of plane, ‘we will import from Israel’ says Russian Minister

Following downing of Russian jet by Turkey, the Russian agriculture minister announces the cessation of vegetable imports from Turkey; Israel among the countries that could benefit from the ban on Ankara.


Tensions between Russia and Turkey continue to mount as Moscow announced this week that it would stop importing vegetables from Ankara, listing Israel as a possible alternative.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently ended security cooperation with Ankara and asked Russian citizens to avoid visiting Turkey, but the Russian president seems to want to punish Turkey even more for downing a Russian combat jet two days ago.

On Wednesday, Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev said that Russia may substitute imports of vegetables from Turkey with those supplied from Iran, Israel, and Morocco due to a “breach in sanitary regulations.”

The Turkish Daily Sabah newspaper reported that Russia had recently stopped importing Turkish goods.

Adnan Dalgahran, a member of the Turkish Exporters Association, told the Daily Sabah that the Russian customs authorities had refused to receive Turkish goods, providing a variety of excuses.

Russia’s secret weapon – food boycotts

“Turkish vegetables account for 20 percent of the total Russian imports of vegetables. Import of vegetables, tomatoes in the first place, will be substituted


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