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Female Trump Employees Break Silence… Reveal Shocking Truth About “Sexist” Trump


Ever since his campaign commenced early this summer, media pundits have tried to paint Donald Trump as a brutal, unregenerate misogynist, a woman hater without equal in business or politics. Rivalries with fellow GOP challenger Carly Fiorina and Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly haven’t helped matters, either.

However, one group of women has spoken out to say that The Donald is actually one of the most pro-woman people in business or politics — his employees.

In a Tuesday piece in  The Washington Post, several female former Trump employees said that Trump could be nurturing and supportive.

“From the standpoint of being a woman, I just thought he was phenomenal,” said Louise Sunshine, 74. “So supportive and encouraging … He gave me the ropes, and I could either hang myself or prove myself.”

Sunshine began working for Trump in the 1970s. While she did mention that Trump could drive people hard — she brought up how he would bring out an unflattering picture of her as “a reminder that I wasn’t perfect” — she described him as being a great employer.

Jill Martin, 35, is assistant general council for the Trump Organization. She recalls how, when a major case she was working on went before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, she thought she would be replaced with a more experienced male lawyer. Instead, Trump gave her encouragement.

“He said, ‘Jill, you’ll do great,’” Martin told The Post. “He pushed me when I needed it.”

Jennifer Crisafulli-Oberting, a 43-year-old


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