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Kenya Just Showed 100+ Radical Muslims What Happens When You Kill Xtians


(Conservative Tribune) – One country in Africa has discovered a highly effective way to deal with radical jihadist Muslims.

And it doesn’t involve peace talks or strongly worded letters.

No, the method that Kenya employs against Muslim terrorists is kind of old fashioned but still the best way to make a dent in the spread of jihad in their country.

Gunfire. Lots of it.

Recently, a bus full of twenty-eight Kenyan Christians was attacked by jihadists.

After the terrorists hijacked and boarded the bus, they forced the Christians to recite the Shahada, the Islamic creed.

Those who refused or didn’t know what it was, which was most of them, were slaughtered by automatic weapons.

Apparently, the jihadists claim that killing the Christians were revenge for “crimes against their Muslim brothers” in Mombasa.

As soon as the brutal attack was reported up the chain to the Kenyan government, they showed their level of anger by taking immediate action against the radical Islamic thugs.

First, they identified the group responsible


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