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Finland: Third minor raped by a Muslim ‘refugee’ within a week

The rape is said to have taken place on Tuesday, in a residence in Reso (in Finnish: Turku), a town of about 24,000 residents a few kilometers Northwest of Turku.

The suspected rapist was arrested and detained on Wednesday. Finnish police have not published the man’s nationality, but merely stated that a 19-year-old asylum seeker was arrested who has been in Finland for about a year. Helsinki newspaper Helsingin Sanomat writes, however, that he needed a Somali interpreter at hearings.

The two rapes have brought strong emotions among Finns in General, and among the local people in the affected areas in particular. Reso’s Mayor Ari Korhonen urge the public to show calm.


14 year old girl raped in Reso

by Linus Hoffman


A 19-year-old man has been arrested as a suspect in the felony


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