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Obama’s Intel Scandal Just Got Blown Wide Open… It Goes MUCH Deeper Than We Thought Before


Conservative Tribune recently revealed that some officials in President Barack Obama’s administration who work at United States Central Command were under investigation for having allegedly altered intelligence reports “to give a more positive picture of the anti-ISIS campaign.”

According to The Weekly Standard columnist Stephen F. Hayes, however, the scandal runs much, much deeper than this and in fact traces back to deceased 9/11 mastermind, Osama bin Laden.

After the raid on bin Laden’s compound in May of 2011, CIA intelligence officers collected more than a million documents from the dead terrorist’s home. But though four long years have passed since that eventful day, only 150 or so of the documents have since been declassified and released.

Furthermore, attempts by numerous officials from CENTCOM and the Defense Intelligence Agency to examine the documents have been blocked time and time again by senior Obama officials.

“We were certainly blocked from seeing all the documents, and we were given limited time and resources to exploit the ones we had,” Michael Pregent, a DIA analyst on the CENTCOM team, reportedly said.

Hayes believes he knows the reason behind this intransigence.

“Taken together, this new primary-source intelligence undercut happy-talk from the White House about progress in defeating jihadist terror,” Hayes explained. “Al Qaeda wasn’t dying; it was growing. The Afghan Taliban wasn’t moderating; its leaders were as close to al Qaeda as ever.”

The documents also allegedly prove that the same


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