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Pro-Iran Research Group: Turkish President’s Daughter Runs Secret ISIS Hospital


The Center for Research on Globalization, a Canada-based research group that claims to be “committed to curbing the tide of globalisation and disarming the new world order,” has released an alleged interview with a Turkish nurse who claims to have worked in a clandestine Turkish hospital for wounded ISIS jihadists run by the daughter of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The nurse, who declines to be named and is only identified as a 34-year-old Alawite Turk, claims to have worked for seven weeks at a secret hospital in the Turkish city of Şanlıurfa and seen Sümeyye Erdoğan running operations there. “Almost every day several khaki Turkish military trucks were bringing scores of severely injured, shaggy ISIS rebels to our secret hospital and we had to prepare the operating rooms and help doctors in the following procedures,” the nurse says.

She adds that she had to hide her Alawite Muslim faith in order to work at the hospital. “The fact is that I adhere to the Alawi faith and since Erdoğan took the helm of the country the system shows utter contempt for the Alawi minority,” she claims. She claims to have left the hospital upon being discovered as an Alawite.

Alawite Islam has its origins in the Shia branch of the faith, from which they originally split. As The Telegraph explains, they “believe prayers are not necessary and do not fast or perform pilgrimages.” Alawites have suffered tremendous population losses during the Syrian Civil War.

Iran’s state Press TV, which often calls upon Center for Research on Globalization, quickly picked up the news, describing Erdoğan as “one of the main supporters of the terrorist groups fighting against the government of Assad since 2011, with reports saying that Ankara actively trains and arms the militants in Syria and facilitates the safe passage of terrorists into the country.” Press TV also claims. “The Turkish government spearheaded efforts to transfer all possible mercenaries as far as Chinese Turkestan to newly converted Wahhabis in Buenos Aires,” without citing a source for this alleged information. Iran is one of Assad’s major backers, perhaps the only ONE in the region. Assad and his family are also Alawite Muslims.

The original source of the interview, the Center for Research on Globalization, describes itself on its about page as a “registered non-profit organization in the province of Quebec, Canada,” proudly proclaiming it has “become a


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