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BREAKING: “Refugees” Invading Europe Cause This FATAL Virus To Skyrocket… Deemed “High Risk”


The swarm of refugees invading Europe has caused many complications among the natural-born citizenry. From terrorist activities, to improper actions by foreign men to local woman, and now this… the spread of a highly infectious and fatal disease.

The World Health Organization recently reported that, “despite all the efforts to fight HIV, this year the European Region has reached over 142,000 new HIV infections, the highest number ever.”

“This is a serious concern,” WHO director for Europe Dr. Zsuzsanna commented, adding in an astonishing admission said that the migrants traveling across Europe are most likely the main source of the infectionsspread.

In an interview with the U.K. Independent, Zsuzsanna blamed the migrants’ feelings of “social exclusion” that lead them to engage in more risky behavior and the


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