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New $10K Fine For Women Wearing Burqas In Switzerland


Women in the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland will soon face stiff penalties if they are caught wearing a burqa in public.

The member state of the Swiss Confederation has just approved a ban on wearing burqas in public places. This ban includes places like shops, restaurants, and even driving in their personal vehicles.

Violators of the ban will result in a penalty of 10,000 francs, or $9,780.43 in US Dollars.

The government approved of the ban following a 2/3 majority approval during a 2013 referendum, but Ticino was not the first government to institute a ban on the burqa.

In 2010, France’s Parliament enacted a ban on burqas in their country after concerns were raised about the security of the population. The ban was upheld after being disputed by a legal team from Britain.

The burqa does not allow for the identification of individuals when reviewing security footage, and there have already been several cases of radical Islamic men who have used the woman’s clothing to hide explosives and weapons in plain sight, or elude authorities.

In 2009, a suicide bomber adopted a burqa to gain access to a government ceremony in Somalia, and killed 19 people.

In 2010, a suicide bomber wearing a burqa killed 41 people in Pakistan.

In 2011, a group of men were apprehended at the Afghanistan border as they tried to smuggle AK-47’s and a suicide vest beneath the women’s clothing.

In 2013, one of the most wanted men in Britain, Mohammed Ahmed


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