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Truck Driver Gets Ambushed by Muslim ‘Refugees’… He Gives Them a NASTY Surprise!



I don’t blame this truck driver at all for the way he feels. Look at these men! Not a woman or child among them. They brazenly jump on these trucks and attack these drivers. The police do nothing. It would have served them right if the driver had plowed into them. Below you will see a very graphic video with colorful language showing just what contempt this driver has for the refugees. He was driving his truck from France to Britain when this happened. The driver goes on about how these migrants left their wives and families at home alone to fight ISIS while they came to destroy Europe. This is the Hijrah migration and it is what Obama is bringing to America by the hundreds of thousands.

From the Conservative Tribune:

A truck driver headed for the United Kingdom from France delivered an epic rant while in his tractor trailer before he swerved his rig to scare migrants walking on the shoulder.

The video, which was posted to YouTube on Friday with English subtitles, shows the truck going through the traffic to get through the tunnel that will take him and other trucks to England.

The approach to the tunnel in Calais has been the site of much controversy, as many migrants have resorted to violence or self-smuggling in order to get themselves across the border into Great Britain.

The video begins with multitudes of migrants — all young men, much to the consternation of the media who have tried to paint the migrant crisis otherwise — walking down the shoulder of the highway. While they do that, the truck driver delivers a rant (which isextremely obscene when translated into English — consider this


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