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Expert: ISIS Paris attacks to change EU-Israel relations

Former deputy national security advisor tells Arutz Sheva that military, counter-terror intelligence problems led to wave of terror.

By Shimon Cohen


The European Union (EU)’s lack of focus on military and counter-terror intelligence has led to the recent wave of terrorism and subsequent hysteria in the bloc, Dr. Eran Lerman, former deputy adviser for national security, stated in a special Arutz Sheva interview Tuesday.

“Europeans are learning a lesson that we learned a long time ago – it all depends on the ability to penetrate and glean what is happening on the other side,” Lerman stated, “and it requires, sometimes, being aggressive.”

“There is a clear inverse relationship: the more you know, the less you have to pressure the broader population [for answers],” he continued, noting that specificity allows intelligence to retain a more “selective” focus.

In that vein, he said, focusing on the entire European Muslim community as a whole is ineffective.

“Most European Muslims despise ISIS no less than the average Frenchman,” he said. “The relationship between the European population and its minorities has been harmed by these events, and the injury is collective.”

“Therefore, the more aggressively the intelligence community attempts to penetrate [known terror enclaves – ed.], the more aggressive the response – and the less damage there will be for the broad population.”

While that mode of thinking constitutes the Israeli intelligence model – and a highly successful one – Lerman denied that the EU was looking to Israel for guidance.

“It took us some time in the terrorist war in the name of [arch-terrorist Yasser] Arafat – erroneously called ‘The Second Intifada’ – to press the ‘reset’ button and get more accurate intelligence operations,” he lamented. “There was a different kind of integration between operational intelligence sectors; these things do not happen overnight.”

Lerman noted, for example, that in the case of the ISIS attacks in Paris last month, the terrorists were known to European authorities – but nothing was done to take intelligence data and put it into practice.

Differences between the intelligence


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