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Honey Wraps – Cures Strong Cough And Removes Mucus From The Lungs In Just One Night! Especially Efficient For Children


This is a natural cure for cold especially for children which has always been used to treat diseases of the respiratory tract.

Honey has a high biological activity, and with the help of coating can discard mucus, accompanied by severe attacks of coughing. Wrap based on honey is an excellent tool which eliminates bad cough, literally for one night. It is recommended for both children and adults.

Honey wrap – recipe

To prepare honey wrap you will need:

  • honey
  • flour
  • vegetable oil
  • gauze
  • napkin
  • Band-Aid adhesive tape

How to prepare:

Mix the flour with a small amount of honey, so you will get a mixture for the compress, which should not stick to your hands.

Add a little vegetable oil and then roll it in some flour again.

Place the mixture on a napkin, and


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