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See if you’re smart enough to get the analogy that we’re going to make with these rattlesnakes…does it remind you of something else happening in Europe right now

Folks, these Rattlesnakes need a home. They are refugees of the Hill Country pushed out by snake hunting, flooding and feral hogs. Now we think that most of these are good snakes and won’t bite you, but we are sure that some of them will bite you without provocation.We can’t tell you which of the snakes in the bunch that will bite and kill you because they all came in together and we can’t tell which ones are which! In fact, we found elsewhere some are biting those who are trained to seek out the biters and are hiding among the good ones. But our federal government has promised to figure it out, so don’t worry.

So who wants to give all these Rattlesnakes a good home?

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