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Devout muslim storms into California Xmas party and massacres 14…but as usual it has nothing to do with Islam apparently

  • Two suspects were killed by police in San Bernardino after a mass shooting at a conference center today
  • Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, were killed in a gun battle with police after the mass shooting 
  • Farook is said to have traveled to Saudi Arabia earlier this year and returned with a wife – and a baby followed 
  • Police said 14 died and a 17 were wounded after suspects opened fire at the Inland Regional Center on Wednesday
  • San Bernardino Police Chief said shooters wore ‘assault-style’ clothing and had handguns and assault rifles
  • Rampage reportedly sparked after gunman had an argument at a holiday party at the Inland Regional Center 
  • It is not known if he left of his own accord or was kicked out, but sources say he returned heavily armed 
  • Cops were in a dramatic standoff with the suspects after reports that up to three people were on the loose 
  • Suspects reportedly threw pipe bombs out of the windows of their SUV before they were taken down by police 
  • An officer was taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries after the standoff on a residential street 

A Muslim U.S. citizen and his wife burst into his office holiday party with assault rifles and tactical clothing, massacred 14 and injured 17 before they were both shot dead in a police chase through suburban San Bernardino.

Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, was at the celebration for local health officials but reportedly left angry before returning heavily armed with wife Tashfeen Malik, 27, and opening fire at the city’s Inland Regional Center Wednesday morning.

The two escaped the scene before being tracked by police to a home one city over. They sped away from the house in a black SUV, shooting at police out the back window and reportedly throwing pipe bombs before the two were shot dead. They were armed with assault rifles and semi-automatic handguns.

Farook and Malik, who are thought to have married earlier this year in Saudi Arabia, are parents to a young child, now orphaned, whom they left with a grandparent before heading out on their murder spree.

Dramatic aerial images show the aftermath of the police chase, which came to an end around a mile and a half from the scene of the massacre.


The bodies of Farook and Malik can be seen near their shot-out SUV, surrounded by heavily-armed officers. One of the was killed in the passenger seat and later removed from the vehicle, while another of the pair appears to have bolted from the vehicle and been gunned down not far away.

Fragments of video from witnesses on the ground showed the killers and officers exchanging gunfire on the roads of San Bernardino as bystanders ducked for cover. The chase ended some time between 3pm and 4pm Wednesday – as long as five hours after the massacre began.

A source told CNN that the suspects threw pipe bombs out of the windows of the vehicle before the shootout with police.

A spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said the suspects threw a thick-gauge copper pipe out of the SUV, but no explosives were found inside. The fake pipe bomb was equipped with a piece of material made to look like a wick.

One officer was hit in the shoot-out, and was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

In the hours after the shooting, more information emerged about Farook, who was born in the U.S., and Malik, whom is he thought to have met and married in Saudi Arabia before bringing him home to Redlands, California with him.




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