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ISIS Fighter Tries “To Thread Needle” With RPG… Regrets Instantly Ensues! (Feel Good Video)


Quite the incredible video is being spread about the web after a so-called soldier shows everyone exactly what type of people fill the ranks of the Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh). While trying to “thread the needle” by shooting an RPG out a small hole in the wall, well, let’s just say things didn’t exactly go according to plan – and he immediately regretted his decision.

The incident reportedly took place in Samarra, Iraq, according to Live Leak, where a fighter for the Islamic State poised himself to take out an infidel. Unfortunately, it seems that feat was a bit harder than initially thought, but that wasn’t about to stop this jihadist.

The video starts out rather simplistic in nature, depicting a single Islamic militant crouched in a room. From there, the ISIS soldier could be seen looking down the sights as he prepared to fire, but shortly afterwards, he stopped to adjust the RPG one final time.

Before long (at just about the 30 second mark) the jihadist could be seen rising to his feet in preparation for the main event. Taking aim out the hole in the wall, he readies himself by leaning


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