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RAF fighter jets return to the UK after dropping 7 500lb precision guided laser bombs on ISIS terrorist scumbags

  • Four Tornado jets sent into action from RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus within an hour of MPs voting in favour of airstrikes
  • Seven 500lb bombs were dropped on the ISIS-controlled oil fields which provide terror group with revenue
  • Two more Tornados flew out this evening to launch further bombing raids on the jihadists’ territory
  • Eight additional aircraft have now arrived in Cyprus from the UK to join operations alongside eight already there
  • The RAF’s 16 jets are armed with Paveway and Brimstone missiles for the fight against ISIS
  • Defence Secretary Michael Fallon warned that the military campaign could last for years rather than months
  • Cameron called for the country to be ‘patient and persistent’ as he said that the anti-terror fight will ‘take some time’
  • Military source said: ‘We are going after the head of the snake but also after its wallet’ by bombing oil fields

A second night of bombing raids against ISIS began this evening after David Cameron warned that the fight against terror in Syria will ‘take some time’ and the Defence Secretary suggested that Britain could be embroiled in war for years.

This morning, seven precision-guided 500lb Paveway bombs were dropped on ISIS-controlled oil fields during two separate raids by Tornado jets flying out from RAF Akrotiri, in Cyprus, in a bid to disrupt the revenues which the jihadist group depends on to wage terror around the world.

The MoD said that the raids, launched less than an hour after MPs overwhelmingly authorised action in a vote last night, appeared to be ‘successful’ as military sources vowed to target ‘the head of the snake’.

This evening two more Tornado jets have flown out from Cyprus for more bombing raids against ISIS targets.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said, ‘We are going after them,’ but added that the campaign ‘is not going to be quick’, suggesting it will last for years rather than months as he hailed the crunch Commons vote which saw a majority of 174 MPs back ‘action to tackle this menace’.


This afternoon, six Eurofighter Typhoons touched down at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus to join the war against ISIS, after flying from RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland at around 8am.

Two Tornado warplanes also travelled from RAF Marham in Norfolk. The eight aircraft doubled the number of jets already stationed at the base.

The Typhoons – which are not equipped with precision Brimstone missiles – are likely to be deployed over Iraq to drop bombs on larger targets and free up other Tornado jets for Syria.

The Tornado GR4 aircraft offers a new capability for the coalition forces because the Brimstone missile it carries can track moving targets. This could include a jihadist on a motorbike travelling at 70mph and will be useful in places such as Raqqa, where targets have been difficult to isolate and catch.

Mr Cameron welcomed the start of operations today, but warned the public that it would not end quickly. The Prime Minister said: ‘We are going to need to be patient and persistent. This is going to take time. It is complex, it is difficult what we are asking our pilots to do, and our thoughts should be with them and their families.

‘There will be strong support from our allies because they wanted us to join them in taking this action.

‘There will be very strong support from Muslim countries, Gulf countries, that have asked to us to take part in this action as part of a process that will help to deliver the political and diplomatic change that we need in Syria as well,’ added the Prime Minister, who is visiting Bulgaria today.

A military source told the Evening Standard: ‘We are going after the head of the snake, but it’s also about going after its wallet’.

Mr Cameron boasted Britain is ‘safer’ after the House of Commons backed his proposal to extend military action in Syria by 397 votes to 223 – a majority of 174.

Some 66 Labour MPs defied their pacifist leader Jeremy Corbyn to back the Tory government, after Mr Cameron warned Britain had to strike at the heart of ISIS or ‘wait for them to attack us’.

Within hours of the vote,Tornado GR4 jets and a Voyager refuelling tanker took off from RAF Marham, Norfolk for Cyprus. Six Typhoon jets later deployed from RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland, doubling the number of attack aircraft at the British base, which has already played a key role in Iraq strikes.

Targeting oil fields is intended to disrupt the source of the revenue which ISIS needs to fund its military operations as well as the running of its self-styled ‘state’ which straddles the borders of Syria and Iraq.

In last night’s mission, RAF Tornado GR4s, supported by a Voyager air refuelling tanker and a Reaper drone carried out airstrikes against the Omar oilfield, 35 miles inside Syria’s eastern border with Iraq, at an estimated cost of £300,000.

Paveway IV guided bombs worth £22,000 each were used to conduct strikes against six targets.

The MoD added: ‘The Omar oilfield is one of the largest and most important to Daesh’s financial operations, and represents over 10 per cent of their potential income from oil.

‘Carefully selected elements of the oilfield infrastructure were targeted, ensuring the strikes will have a significant impact on Daesh’s ability to extract the



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