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Stunning New Details Emerge About Muslim Couple Who Carried Out Xtmas Party Massacre’

by Brian Hayes


As the Obama Administration, which took 5 years to call the Ft. Hood jihad an act of terror, continues to hold back from calling the San Bernardino massacre ‘terrorism,’ mounting evidence is proving that is exactly what it was…and that it may represent a “new method” of terror by ISIS and related groups, according to analysts.

Husband and wife Muslim jihadists Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, were killed in a gun battle with police after murdering 14 people and wounding at least 17 at a Christmas Party at the Inland Regional Center, where Farook worked.

Previous reports claimed Farook had an “argument” at the party, but that was later proven false. Farook is now described as to have “suddenly left”  — only to return to carry out his pre-planned attack.

What is clear is that Farook and Malik prepared for 2-3 weeks for a full-scale attack on the pre-planned party, purchasing weapons, body armor and explosive materials. In addition, their home — described by sources as an “IED factory” was “booby trapped” to harm responders after the attack.

Neighbors also reported “dozens” of packages were delivered to the couple’s home in the past 2 weeks, and that 3-4 “Middle Easterners” came and went at all hours, hinting at the possibility of a larger conspiracy or cell.

The couple left their 6-month old child with a relative, claiming they had a “doctor’s appointment,” after which they set out on their act of terror — the largest mass-casualty shooting in the U.S. since Sandy Hook.

Dressed in tactical gear, and toting assault rifles, Farook Tashfeen Malik, burst into the San Bernardino social services facility and shot up a conference room where Farook’s employer, the county health department, was hosting a Christmas party. The pair escaped in a black SUV after the attack, which authorities said was over within minutes, only to resurface four hours later and less than 2 miles away in a fierce gun battle on the city’s main drag.

“They came prepared to do what they did, as if they were on a mission,” San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said, the DailyMail reported.

Like the devout Muslims who opened fire on the


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