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UK jets take off as Parliament votes to strike Islamic State in Syria

  • ‘We must be ready for the possibility of war with Iran in 10 – 15 years’
  •  US says IAEA report holds Iran accountable for its past



WASHINGTON — With encouragement from France and the United States, the House of Commons on Wednesday voted to extend the United Kingdom’s air assault against Islamic State to Syria, where the group has metastasized and taken refuge since 2013.

The vote allows UK Prime Minister David Cameron to order the immediate initiation of strikes in Syrian territory, after winning support for strikes against Islamic State targets in Iraq last year. Indeed, within just two hours of the vote, British fighter jets had taken off in pairs from their base in Cyprus, reportedly bound for Syria.

Royal Air Force Typhoons will work in coordination with air power from over half a dozen allied nations, including France, the US, Australia, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

“These women-raping, Muslim-murdering, medieval monsters, they are hijacking the peaceful religion of Islam for their warped ends,” Cameron said in his plea for parliamentary support on Wednesday morning. “These people are not Muslims, they are outlaws from Islam, and we must stand with our Muslim friends here and around the world as they reclaim their religion from these terrorists.”

The well-financed terrorist organization, which orchestrated a sophisticated attack on Paris last month, seeks to strike the West “because of who we are,” Cameron said, “not because of what we do.” He warned of a similar strike in London


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