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UN Teachers Glorify Knife Attacks Against ‘Jewish Apes And Pigs’

TEL AVIV – Despite repeated promises to stop the incitement, United Nations teachers in the Palestinian territories are glorifying knife attacks against what they term “Jewish apes and pigs,” the Geneva-based NGO UN Watch reported.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) has imposed temporary suspensions on some of its Palestinian educators but nevertheless many of them continue to incite to violence, including posting images on social media of Palestinians brandishing blood-soaked knives with epitaphs encouraging the murder of “Zionist and Jewish apes and pigs.”

Last year, UNRWA received a total of $1 billion US in funding, largely from the EU and US.

UN Watch’s executive director Hillel Neuer asserts that the disciplinary action that UNRWA is currently administering is clearly not working. “Giving a slap on the wrist sends the message that it’s business as usual. Instead, those who incite to racism or murder should be fired, under a zero tolerance policy,” he said in a statement.

UN Watch further called for donor countries, including the US and the UK, to establish an independent commission of inquiry to investigate


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