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Symptoms Of Liver Cancer You Should Never Ignore And What You Can Do To Reduce Your Risk!

Liver belongs to the group of largest and very important organs in our body. Distributes and sorts essential nutrients, removes harmful toxins, secretes bile and proteins that are very important for theblood clotting. When liver fails to work, our body will live for only 1-2 days, which makes it the 2nd most important organ for our survival.

Liver cancer

Unfortunately, this is the 5th most common cancer, and over 1 million new cases appear every year. The National Cancer Institute claims that around 6000 women and 15000 men in the US are diagnosed with liver cancer each year.


This type of cancer develops in two forms.

Primary type is rare in the US and represents around 2% of all cancer diseases. It affects men twice as much at an average age of 67. The secondary type of liver cancer is very common.

Like any other cancer disease, symptoms of liver cancer don’t appear until it reaches later stages of development. Small liver tumors are very hard to detect, because the most of this organ is covered by our right rib cage. When doctors detect the cancer, it’s usually very large and in a more advanced stage.

Main causes for primary liver cancer are associated with genetics, bad habits, and history of diseases. Also, there are a number of other risk factors that increase the chance of cancer development.

  1. Age: This is one of the biggest factors, because 95% of the patients diagnosed with this


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