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Postpartum Depression, Xtmas Rage: CNN Scrambles to Cover Up Muslim Attack

“Hybrid workplace jihad, hybrid workplace jihad, “hybrid workplace jihad.”


Even after the revelation that Farook Syed’s wife, Tashfeen Malik, posted allegiance to ISIS during the San Bernardino massacre, the media is still frantically scrambling to retain the workplace violence narrative.

ABC News’ Brian Ross coined the term “hybrid workplace jihad” and described the Jihadist as an “All-American Boy”. Because nothing says All-American like ISIS. CNN’s Erin Burnett tried to claim Malik might have had postpartum depression.

So was her husband also suffering from postpartum psychosis? When Nidal Malik Hassan carried out the Fort Hood Massacre, the media tried to suggest he had contracted PTSD from being around soldiers. Did Farook Syed contract postpartum psychosis from his wife?

Initially CNN and other media outlets had tried to pass off the attack as a response to the Christmas party. A CNN guest suggested the holiday party had been somehow offensive to poor Farook.

But the amount of planning and training that went into the attack made the idea that it had been whipped up in 20 minutes ridiculously implausible even for the “Benghazi was a protest” crowd. So they began digging to find some earlier way that the people he killed might have “discriminated” against Syed.

CNN fastened on Nicholas Thalasinos, one of the people killed by Syed and began harassing his wife over claims that the two men had argued.

What made Nicholas Thalasinos so seductively appealing to the media as a fall guy was that reports identified him as Jewish. And it would be all too neat for the media to tie up the story with a bow by blaming the Jews. Unfortunately the media had once again rushed into a false


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