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‘He refused to say we are at war with radical Islamic terrorists’: Trump live-tweets Oval Office address and criticizes everything from podium to Obama calling ISIS ‘ISIL’

  • Donald Trump live-tweeted during Obama’s address to the nation Sunday
  • Warned President against ‘ripping up second amendment’ during speech
  • Also attacked Democrat for failing to use phrase ‘radical Islamic terrorists’
  • As the ten-minute address finished, Trump added: ‘Is that all there is?’
  • Trump even criticized the podium for looking ‘odd’ in the Oval Office 
  • Obama used speech to call for unity among Americans after the San Bernardino attacks and told people not to ‘give in to fear’
  • Said America is fighting a war against ‘thugs’ rather than Islam itself
  • Also called for tighter restriction on assault-style weapons and for those on the no-fly list to be denied access to guns

Donald Trump has criticized Barack Obama’s Oval Office address Sunday night for being too short and failing to used the phrase ‘Islamic terrorists’.

In a live-tweet session during Obama’s speech, only his third address from the Oval Office, Trump also warned him against ‘spending too much time ripping apart the second amendment’.

However, Obama kept the issue of tighter gun control on the agenda, calling for congress to step in as ‘a matter of national security’, while reiterating his stance that America is fighting a war against ‘thugs’, not against Islam itself.


Obama’s speech was designed to reassure concerned Americans in the wake of the San Bernardino attacks on Wednesday this week which saw 14 people killed and another 21 wounded.

The attacks have since been described as ‘an act of terror’ by both the FBI and Obama, as it was revealed attackers Syed Farook and wife Tashfeen Malik had been radicalized.

Obama and Hillary Clinton have both been widely criticized by Republicans, particularly the presidential hopefuls, for refusing to use the phrase ‘radical Islamic terrorists’ while referring to ISIS.

It was a phrase that Obama again steered clear of this evening, instead referring to the group as ‘ISIL’ – the preferred abbreviation used by the security services.

Trump criticized this approach on Twitter, saying: ‘Well, Obama refused to say (he just can’t say it), that we are at WAR with RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS.’

He subsequently reposted another tweet by a supporter, adding: ‘[Obama] will never say it, therefore he will never have a solution!’

Trump also attacked the President for using ISIL instead of ISIS to refer to the terror group, saying ‘almost everyone else’ uses the latter abbreviation.

ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, while ISIL stands for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – an historic term used in the Koran to describe the eastern coast of the Mediterranean.



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