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Obama Has SICKENING Plan for California Shooter’s Neighborhood… Muslims Shout For Joy


The people of Redlands, California, were shocked to learn that two of their own residents — Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik — were responsible for the horrific shooting in San Bernardino that killed 14 people.

According to The New York Times, the FBI’s counterterrorism unit has now taken over the investigation. That decision was based on the couple’s extensive arsenal of high-tech weaponry, recent travel to the Middle East, and “evidence that one of them had been in touch with people with Islamist extremist views.”

Sadly, for the people of Redlands, their problems may just beginning. If the federal government has its way, the California town will be home to Syrian refugees, some with possible Islamic State group ties.

According to the Redlands Daily Facts, the move has been an unpopular one. Several groups, including Redlands Townhall and the Redlands Tea Party Patriots, attended an October meeting on the issue and pressed the city council to stop the planned resettlement in their community.

“Where will they be housed? How will their expenses be paid and by whom? And what will be done to ensure the safety of our community? Our biggest concern is the safety of our family, our children and our grandchildren,” Victoria Hargrave of Redlands Townhall said to the town council.

“The Obama administration would like to bring in 85,000 Syrian refugees into our country in the calendar year that just started on Oct. 1 and they have admitted that they have no database or source of information with which to vet these refugees,” she added.

“There are primarily Sunni Muslims. Al Qaeda are Sunni Muslims whose culture and ideology are completely contrary to our Constitution.”

The worry is that Catholic Charities San


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