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Shocking Video: Doctors removed implants from a woman’s breast and they were shocked – VIDEO

Ana Zigenhorn from Florida in 2011 began, for unknown reasons to gain weight, and her life soon turned into a hell. The doctors were unable to discover the cause of the disease until they open the patient’s chest and found – mold.


Zigenhorn, otherwise healthy mother of two children, after gaining weight began to lose her vision; she was feeling a burning pain and sores all over her body. Eight months could not speak – instead knocked messages and written on a chalkboard.

She was visiting doctors, but no expert could determine what the cause of the disease was. Lupus, arthritis and problems with the thyroid were quickly extinguished and there seemed to be no solution until Dr. Susan Kolb, author of “The Naked Truth about Breast Implants,” did not point out that the health condition of the patient could distort the mold around the silicone implants. As soon as the implants were removed, the symptoms began to recede.

Zigerhorn still keeps a video on her phone, which shows what was in her body. She believes that the content of the implant, which contained a


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