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Black Spots On Bananas May Shock You-See What They Mean!

We all love bananas but you will be surprised at how potentially dangerous they actually are. The next time you decide to treat yourself with a banana be award of the warning factors.


Ripe bananas are known to produce a compound called TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) which deals with problematic cells.  Ripe bananas result in dark spots appearing on the surface, so you will be surprised to learn that the more dark spots a banana has the healthier it is. This means that the fruit contains plenty of TNF, able to boost the immunity and fight against certain diseases like cancers and tumors.

A ripe banana possesses larger antioxidants which helps keep the body safe and increase digestion.

Japanese scientists have conducted a study that discovered that bananas stimulated the production of shite blood cells, thanks to the TNF content. The advised


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