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In France, The Backlash To Radical Islam Begins as Far-Right Party Dominates Regional Elections



On Sunday, France’s far-right National Front won the lion’s share of support in the latest regional elections, signaling a seismic shift in French politics. With a strong lead, the National Front is set to secure control of a substantial portion of French regional governments in next week’s second round of voting. French voters have responded forcefully to tragic events in Paris, using the ballot box to cast a referendum on radical Islam.

“The first-round results highlight the emergence of Marine Le Pen’s National Front as a third pole in French politics, capable of luring mainstream voters. Ms. Le Pen, who has combined the party’s anti-immigration stance with calls for hard-line security measures and tighter control of France’s borders, has only bolstered her support in the three weeks since the Paris attacks.” reports The Wall Street Journal.

The party’s preliminary victories may alter the electoral landscape in a country defined by its socialist inclinations and multi-culturalist platitudes. While the French National Front has long been a fringe party entertained by disenchanted nationalists and anti-EU agitators, its permeation into the mainstream can be traced to directly to the increase in Islamic-inspired terrorism.

“On Sunday, her party took 30% of the overall vote in regional ballots across mainland France, according to projections by pollster IFOP-Fiducial based on a partial count of the vote. That marked a surge from the last comparable elections in 2010, when the party won only 11.4% in the first round,” cites the Journal.

Fear often breeds contempt for the political


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