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Piece of **** Swedish PM: Arab knife attacks against Israelis are not classified as terrorism

Stefan Löfven says stabbings are not considered terror attacks according to international classification; in later attempt to clarify himself he asserts it is unclear whether the attacks were sanctioned by internationally-recognized terror organizations.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven on Monday tried to improve the strained ties between his country and Israel, but only raised more ire when claiming stabbing attacks were not considered terrorism.


“No, it is not classified as that. There is an international classification when it is, or is not. What I know is not classified as terrorism,” he told Swedish news agency TT.

The relationship between Israel and Sweden has reached a new low following a series of comments made by Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström, in the most recent of which she accused Israel of “extrajudicial executions” of Palestinian terrorists on the scene of the attack.


Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (Photo: AFP)


Löfven claimed Wallström’s comments were merely misunderstood in Israel, and that “to say the foreign minister accuses Israel of such an action (extrajudicial executions) is completely wrong. She never said that.”


Both Wallström and Löfven claimed the foreign minister did not specifically mean Israel in


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