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Report: ISIS smuggled weapons of mass destruction into Europe

Soldiers of the U.S. Army 23rd chemical battalion wearing gas masks run during a competition to test individual soldier skills at Camp Stanley in Uijeongbu, South Korea, Wednesday, July 8, 2015.  About 250 soldiers attended this competition to test individual soldier skills consisting of medical tasks, weapons assembly and disassembly, plus other events, in a physically and mentally challenging environment. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

A briefing document compiled by the European Union (EU) reveals that the Islamic State (ISIS) terror organization has smuggled weapons of mass destruction (WMD) into Europe, and the EU fears ISIS will deploy them in a pending attack.

According to a report in the UK’s Daily Mail, ISIS has already smuggled chemical and biological weapons into the EU and has recruited chemists and biologists who have the know-how to properly use the WMD’s.

“At present, European citizens are not seriously contemplating the possibility that extremist groups might use chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) materials during attacks in Europe. Under these circumstances, the impact of such an attack, should it occur, would be even more destabilising,” the report warns.

“We are dealing with a very serious, well-resourced, determined international terrorist organisation that is now active on the streets of Europe,” the Mail quotes Rob Wainwright, head of Europol, as saying after the Islamic terror attacks in Paris that killed 132. “This represents the most serious terrorist threat faced in Europe for 10 years.”

He also warned that that ISIS had serious capabilities in terms of “resources and manpower.”

Thousands of European have traveled to Syria to fight along ISIS. They have returned to their home countries, and authorities fear they will use their knowledge, acquired in the battlefield, to establish terror cell and attack Western targets.

“’ISIL/Da’esh has [ISIS] recruited and continues to recruit


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