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SHOCKING: US Lieutenant Colonel Calls Obama “A Total P*ssy” On Live TV

Retired United States Army lieutenant colonel Ralph Peters called President Obama “a total pussy” during a live television interview regarding the President’s Oval Office address he gave to the American people last night on the topics of terrorism, Syria, and gun control.

Peters was referring to Obama playing the “fear” card to the public and the President’s half-assed measures in his supposed attempt to defeat the Islamic State terror organization. While I am no fan of any Fox News associated channel, I do have to give Peters credit for calling it like it is. It actually makes me want to hear what retired General Stanley McChrystal would have to say about Obama’s current handling of the Middle Eastern debacle. McChrystal, an excellent warfighter and true American patriot, was forced to resign after calling out various White House officials in their ineptitude while he was ISAF Commander.

Personally, I was more angered with the President’s call to strip people of their civil liberties without due process, although, I wasn’t surprised. He actually suggested that those on “No Fly Lists” be banned from buying or owning firearms. That might sound good to those that are eating the food-of-fear from his hand, but in reality, if implemented, it would be a wholly illegal and unjust act. It’s lists like these that allowed the KGB to send political dissidents to the Gulag for simply being opposed to current leadership.

If I am a terrorist, prosecute me as such, and then strip away my freedoms. Barring people of their civil liberties because of a no fly


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