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Two muslim men hack a Xtian to death, who was fighting against Islamic persecution of his people


Christian Man Fights Against The Islamic Persecution Of Christians, Two Muslim Women Approach Him And Pretend That They Need Help, They Then Take Out Swords From Their Hijabs And Give Them To Some Muslim Men Who Take The Swords And Hack The Christian Man To Death

By Theodore Shoebat

A Christian man in Uganda named Patrick was fighting against the Islamic persecution of Christians, by taking in youths who left Islam and converted to Christianity and who got disowned by their families. Muslims began sending in threats to Patrick, demanding that he cease his work to help disowned Christian converts. One night he was walking when two Muslim women wearing hijabs approached him. He thought they needed help, so he got near them. The women pulled out swords from their hijabs and passed them to some nearby Muslim men. They took the swords and proceeded to hack Patrick to death. His body was later found, mutilated and lying on a pool of blood. According to the report:

A Christian father of five in eastern Uganda who supported 10 children whose families had disowned them for leaving Islam was killed on Wednesday night (Dec. 2).
One of three men who attacked Patrick Ojangole at 9:30 p.m. reproached him for failing to heed a warning to cease his Christian activities before the Christian was killed, said a witness who was with Ojangole and escaped. Ojangole was 43.
Ojangole and the witness, a friend known only as Muluga, were about 15 kilometers (nine miles) from their home village of Kashebai after traveling by bicycle to visit Ojangole’s in-laws in Palissa when two Muslim women stopped them. The women were fully covered in burqas as they sat on the roadside.
“Because it was late in the evening, we thought they needed some help from us, so we stopped, and while we were still talking with them, a man arrived and started asking for our identification cards,” Muluga said.
Believing he was a policeman, they produced their national ID cards, and immediately two masked men appeared, he said.

“The two women immediately pulled out swords from their burqas and gave them to the men, and there we realized that we were in the hands of dangerous, armed men, so we had to cooperate with them as they forced us to leave the bicycle and then dragged us to the swamp close to the river,” Muluga said.
He reported that one of the masked men said, “Patrick, you have not heeded our warning to stop your Christian activities of changing our children to your religion.” Hence it is possible that at least one of the assailants knew Ojangole, or that Muslims he knew had hired the men to attack him. Muluga said they seemed interested only in Ojangole and may have asked for his ID card to ensure he was the one they sought.

“The attackers were not so harsh towards me,” he said. “Their efforts were directed at Patrick.”
As the interrogation continued, the two women who had stayed behind on the roadside arrived.
“The three men then got hold of Patrick and, fearing for my life, I managed to escape as the two women pulled out about four swords that they had placed inside their clothes,” he said. “I heard some commotion taking place and one loud cry while I was 50 meters away.”

Muluga immediately notified a Christian


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