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Unmarked Russian Air Force Jet Makes Erratic Passes over Cali, Disappears over Sacramento


Just as soon as the page refreshed the plane disappeared or ‘went dark’ along with the link, Franchi explained, after witnessing a “Russian Air Force jet” being tracked online over parts of California and Nevada.

Shockingly and for no apparent reason the aircraft appeared to be flying in erratic patterns as documented and posted by Twitter user @M3t4_tr0n.

Moreover the very fact that a foreign military aircraft, displaying no call sign, was actually flying over U.S. airspace is alarming to say the least and raises a major red flag with all the fingerprints of a black op. The aircraft was a Tupolev TU-154M ” which is “capable of operating from unpaved and gravel airfields with only basic facilities,” according toWikipedia, which also makes clear that 13 of the aircraft are still used for military operations


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