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Germany: Muslim migrant screaming “Allahu akbar” and “Islamic State” attacks police, seriously injuring two

What we need, obviously, is more migrants.

Why is this man in Germany at all? Why is he seeking asylum from Morocco? Morocco is not a war zone.


“Woman Police Officer Sustains ‘Massive’ Injury, Bitten By ‘Rampaging’, Gun-Grab Migrant Screaming ‘Allah Hu Akbar,’” by Oliver Lane, Breitbart, December 7, 2015:

German police were forced to pepper-spray a fare dodging Islamist on Sunday after he reacted badly to having his ticket checked, attacking officers, trying to snatch a police handgun and screaming “Allah hu Akbar”.

The 23-year-old Moroccan ‘asylum seeker’ spoke no German and savagely attacked police on Sunday in Osnabrück station, hospitalising two and injured a third.

A railway employee decided to call in police on this occasion as after attempting to check the migrant’s ticket, the man began to act “strangely”, reports

Events took a turn for the violent as police arrived, and the man immediately flew into a fury. Attacking a female police officer, the man kicked and bit while screaming in Arabic the Islamist war-cry “Allah hu Akbar” and crying out the name of the Islamic State.

In the end it took three federal police officers to pepper spray and cuff the man. The female police officer was left with a “massive” knee injury and another officer was treated at hospital for a broken rib and bites on his forearm. Both are now off duty to recover from their wounds.

Despite being kept in hand-cuffs, the man even tried to “repeatedly” grab the service pistol of a police officer, reports Once at the Osnabrück police station the man continued to give trouble by spitting at officers.

Despite the man crying out the name of the Islamic State in Arabic and shouting that ‘god is great” as he attacked, a search of the individual of his arrest found no evidence to suggest he was directly affiliated to the Islamic State itself.

It has been supposed the man reacted violently because he didn’t understand it was his ticket being checked, and he feared the police were going to deport him. Yet a police spokesman has rejected this suggestion, remarking that while the migrant didn’t speak German, police and railway staff have found all migrants have come to understand the work by the time they make it to Germany, making it a “term to all people”.

Despite the violent assault on two police


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