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Muslim ‘refugees’ rape 14 year old Finnish girl, leading to a wave of vigilante justice pushing the country to the brink

  • In the town of Kempele, tension between locals and asylum seekers is rising after a 14-year-old girl was raped
  • Happened fortnight after youth migrant centre opened in town to mass opposition and 17-year-old refugee charged 
  • Across Finland similar cases have sparked panic, with human chains blocking refugees at the country’s borders
  • Even some MPs are demanding asylum seekers leave country and put an end to ‘nightmare called multiculturalism’

There is a sense of tension in the pretty, snow-covered Finnish town – an underlying fear which makes parents hold their children a little closer, and angry resentment towards the group of young men who arrived just a month ago.

Kempele, almost 400 miles north of Helsinki, is usually a place where 17,000 unassuming townfolk while away the hours playing ice hockey.

But that peaceful existence has been ripped apart by the rape of a 14-year-old girl as she walked home on a Monday night a fortnight ago.

The alleged culprit is one of the young men living at a migrant centre, which locals did not want in the first place.

But far from being an anomaly, Kempele – which saw hundreds take to the streets in an anti-immigration march last weekend – has become a snapshot of a country where people patrol the streets in vigilante mobs, block people crossing the border and even dress as the Ku Klux Klan at angry protests against the influx of refugees.

The situation is not so tense in some parts of the country. MailOnline went 10 miles north of Kempele to Oulu where migrants at the Vallinkorva are living quietly and say they have been made to feel welcome in the town after fleeing the war-torn countries of Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

And the country’s Prime Minister Juha Sipilä has offered newcomers a warm welcome – and even said they can use one of his homes in Kempele, where he was born, to use as emergency accommodation.


In Kempele, the rape of the schoolgirl, just a fortnight after the centre for young migrants opened, sent shockwaves through the community.

Rumours quickly spread around the town that two asylum seekers from Afghanistan had been arrested over the assault.

It has since emerged that police have arrested a 17-year-old boy at the centre, who is in custody awaiting trial.

It was the spark needed for those who had opposed the centre in the first place to take to the streets – as hundreds turned out for a protest march demanding it be closed immediately.

‘Finland for the Finns! Close down the centre!’ they chanted.

They marched from the town square to the municipal house, and on towards the immigration centre, with many clutching Finnish flags.

‘We decided to sing the Finnish anthem in front of the immigration centre,’ one of the marchers, Janne Halunen, who is also local councillor for the right-wing True Finns party, told MailOnline.

But there was no one there to hear them, as all 30 asylum seekers inside the centre had been temporarily evacuated for their own safety to avoid any further confrontations and inflame the situation.

They are back now – but the calls for the centre to be shut grow louder by the day.

Mr Halunen said: ‘It’s in the interests of the Kempele people that the centre is closed down. People genuinely feel threatened.’


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