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3 Muslims Stage Terror Attack on France Train, Commandeer Train’s Intercom, Play Muslim Call to Prayer

By Pamela Geller


Three Muslims in France have been jailed for staging a terror threat on a train on order to rob passengers- only five days after the Paris attacks. They commandeered the train and began playing the Muslim call to prayer on the  intercom system – five days after the Paris slaughter.

Imagine, this cruel terror hoax by three Muslims on a train took place a little over a month after a jihadi attempted to behead passengers on a French train. Had it not been for the quick, brave actions of three Americans (Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler)  on that train, who knows how many would have been murdered.  And this terror scare took place fresh on the bloody heels of the Paris jihad massacre. This train attack reflects a base lack of humanity. Savages. Truly.

The group was travelling between Beziers and Perpignan in the southern Pyrenees region when they commandeered the train’s intercom system.

They then played a Muslim call to prayer and told passengers to hand over their phones or face an attack.

“Three jailed over France ‘train attack bluff’ BBC, December 9, 2015

Three men in France have been jailed for


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