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All Who Hugged This ‘Friendly’ Muslim Because Of His Sign Just Got BAD News


You may remember a couple of days ago, every liberal rag on the internet, such as the Huffington Post, running a story of a ‘friendly’ Muslim offering free hugs to everyone who wanted one. He was holding a sign, the one above, claiming he trusted everyone, and asked if everyone trusted him enough to give him a hug. It made it look as if this man, despite being a Muslim, didn’t care about anyone else’s religious beliefs, political views, etc. We are all one race, his sign implied- the human race.

Well, now the truth has come out, and the hundreds if not thousands of people who fell sucker to his show of bullshit are finding out that they were hugging an actual terrorist who’s not only spent years in prison already, but has, since the display of the sign, been arrested for making terrorist threats against Government officials!

The man’s name is Craig Wallace. He is a Londoner, and he just got out of prison after serving several years for various crimes. While in prison, he converted to the religion of hate, and swore his allegiance to Allah and the pedophile Mohamed and swore to kill all who insult or do not convert to Islam.

According to at least one media outlet, after England decided to participate in the U.S. led coalition of countries bombing the evil Muslims of ISIS in Syria, Wallace posted this about Tory MP Charlotte Leslie on a Facebook page:

 “I’m going to find her and show her what it’s like to murder innocents. You dirty pig-f****** w****.”

Wallace has since been arrested again and is facing another prison term for



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