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Death by Political Correctness

Fear of being charged with racism hindered detection of the San Bernardino terrorists


by Aaron Stanley

The failure to detect the San Bernardino, California, terrorist should serve as a giant red flag. Paralysis by political correctness in identifying Islamic terrorism threatens to sow destruction from within.

The political and media Establishment’s frantic attempt to frame last week’s mass shootings as just another deranged guy — Syed Farook — with access to guns completely overlooked an obvious and growing trail of evidence indicating that the killers’ goal was jihad all along.

It is now obvious to all that the attack was not a case of random “workplace violence” — as the White House termed the 2009 Islamist attack on Fort Hood, Texas — but rather a plot carefully designed to inflict maximum carnage and strike fear into the hearts of American “infidels” that no place is safe from the reach of violent jihad.

It should have been obvious to some even in the immediate aftermath that this was no Christmas party dispute. But worst of all, it should have been clear to someone that this was going to happen. Instead, it seems likely that to at least some extent, political correctness kept people from grasping the signs of danger.

Consider all of the warnings that were missed or overlooked by authorities, even with the country still on high alert after November’s terror attacks on Paris:

A vast arsenal of firearms, ammunition and pipe bombs was being assembled in Farook’s apartment and garage, and nobody noticed.
Tashfeen Malik, Syed’s Pakistani terror bride, used a nonexistent address on her K-1 fiancée visa application.
Malik was educated at a radical Pakistani madrassa, and her family has strong ties to jihadi ideology.
The sum of $28,500 was deposited into Farook’s bank account just two weeks before the shooting, and three transfers of at least $5,000 were made to his mother.
The couple posted on social media expressions of sympathy to jihad and the Islamic State.
In the police scanner traffic following the shooting, Farook was identified as being investigated by Los Angeles police a week earlier.
The couple frequented a local shooting range in the days leading up to the attack.
In the era of “see something, say something,” which Obama urged Americans to do before Thanksgiving if they saw potential terror activity, why didn’t someone put these pieces together and alert law enforcement?

Perhaps some were too immersed in their smartphones to bother, but news reports suggest neighbors noticed


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